Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Livingston Family Book SOLD OUT

A book, THE LIVINGSTON FAMILY ALIVE AND WELL, based on this blog was professionally published in July 2013. This 86 page hardcover book is SOLD OUT.


  1. Dear Deborah,

    Based on your work The Livingston Family History, perhaps you can help me regarding my family ancestry.

    Please allow me to induce myself, my name is Ken Denich and I am the grandson of Julliette Johnson (nee Lafreniere) daughter of Louis Napoléon Lafrenière (born 1864) and granddaughter of Ovide Benjamin Lafreniáere (born 1837) and Marie Lafrenière (née Maurice).

    Based on your blog, you note that Ovide Benjamin was the son Antoine (born 1799) and Magdeleine Lestard St-Onge McTavish. And that Antoine (born 1799) parents were Antoine Charles Lupien Lafrenière (born 1762) and Josphe Banhaic Lamontagne Beaulieu.

    Also you note that Antoine Charles Lupien Lafrenière (born 1762), parents were Joseph Lupien Desrosiers Lafrenière (born before 1722) and Marie Anne Dupuy. In addition you state that Joseph Lupien Desrosiers Lafrenière (born 1722) parents were Joseph Lupien LaFreniere Baron (born 1701) and Marie-Anne Lemire (Gaucher). All which I believe is true.

    I have a couple of questions.

    Is there any family connection( IF ANY), of the above family as it relates to your discussion of Antoine Desrosiers I and Anne Leneuf,Antoine Desrosiers II and Marie-Renee Lepelle Desmarais, Antoine Dersosiers Lafrenière III and Marie Angelique Piette Trempe, and Joseph Desrosiers dit Lafreniere wed Marie Madeleine Petit Bruneau. IF so who is the family connection?

    Is it correct to assume that Antoine Lafreniere born in St. Croix, Ontario in 1800 was is not the child of Jean-Baptiste Desrosiers Lafreniere and Marie Marguerite Loiseau?

    I Thank You in advance.


    1. Hi Ken,
      My apologies for my late reply. I am sorry but I do not have an answer to your questions. I highly recommend that you obtain a membership to the University of Montreal genealogical database and to ancestry.ca to further your research.

  2. Please note: the family book is SOLD OUT.

  3. Hi everyone,
    There have been several questions regarding the indication of Metis in our ancestral records.
    If you have a family book, see page 51.
    Page 51 describes the one and only instance where the term Metis and a reference to Outawa First Nations is in the ancestral records of Magdeleine dit Letard dit St. Onge. Magdeleine's mother's record states:
    Katrine Genevieve Vasseur
    SEX: F
    Birth: Born about 2 July 1792 in St.Ignace, Mackinac County, Michigan
    NATI: Metis
    Note: Godparents were Antoine Adhemar St. Marin and Genevieve Blondeau. August 15,1799, by us the undersigned priest, the ceremonies of Baptism were supplied to Genevieve, privately baptized of Jacques Vasseur and of Madeleine, an Outawa, his lawful wife.

    On the same page of the family book, Madeleine, an Outawa, is identified as Madeleine Ouiouiskon of the Outawas Nation (more commonly known today as the Ottawa First Nations or Ojibway). Madeleine's official marriage registration to Jacques Vasseur includes Madeleine's identification as a member of the Outawas Nation.