Thursday, 17 May 2012

Unveiling the parents of Antoine Lafreniere born in 1799

As indicated in the posting dated May 4, 2012, Antoine Lafreniere born in St. Croix, Ontario in 1800 was not listed as a child of Jean-Baptiste Desrosiers Lafreniere and Marie Marguerite Loiseau.  Please do not misunderstand.  I am not denying Antoine's existence as he was an important member of our family.  I will confirm in later postings that he married Magdeleine dit Letard St. Onge dit McTavish on August 17, 1826 on Drummond Island and they had many children.  I am simply stating that I am certain that his descendants are different than stated by Doreen's work.

According to the PRDH geneaological database at the University of Montreal, Antoine Lafreniere was born on October 16, 1799 in Maskinonge, Quebec. This is a copy of his baptismal parish record (see upper right entry - unfortunately I could not make this image larger):

Here is an overview of the parishes near Maskinonge.  Maskinonge is located in the center of the map (this was taken from the PRDH website at and it can be accessed at no charge. (It is free to download general data from the PRDH, but the database charges a fee for downloading specific genealogical documents.)  Please note the other parishes near Maskinonge in the area: Sorel in the south, Berthierville in the southwest, and Louisville (also known as Riviere du Loup) northeast of Maskinonge.

Antoine's parents were Antoine Charles Lupin Lafreniere (born January 10, 1762 in Maskinonge, QC) and Marie Josephe Banhiac Lamontagne Beaulieu (born June 4, 1766 in Louisville, QC).  On his birth records, Antoine's father is recorded as a "terrien".  Here is a list of Antoine's siblings:

Unfortunately, I was not able to locate any data on Antoine's siblings, especially his brother Louis.  Since the PRDH only keeps records up to 1800, it does not provide details on anything that takes place after 1800 so marriages and deaths have been omitted from this research resource.  As a result, further ancestral research will become more time-consuming. 

Thus, my next posting will focus on the parents of Antoine Lupien Lafreniere.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Review of February 20, 2012 posting based on PRDH findings:

Since the records developed by the University of Montreal clarified data on a number of our ancestors in my last posting, I thought it would help to review another family posting that I entered on February 20, 2012.  This particular posting included my mini-lecture on conducting family research (I don't mean to lecture; please remember I always mean well - and yes I know that you are rolling your eyes now) and a description of the children of Antoine (III) Desrosiers dit Lafreniere and Angelique Piette Trempe.

According to Doreen;s original notes, here is a list of their children:
1. Genevieve born 22 January 1723 at I'lle Dupas, QC.; married 1 January 1743 to
Charles Tellier; second marriage 27 May 1771; died 25 November 1782 Berthierville,
2. Joseph Antoine born at Sorel, P.Q. in 1730?, married Marie Anne HUS 8 April 1755,
died 1760?
*3. Jean Baptiste Antoine, born 1726? ; married Marguerite LOISEAU__________
4. Marie Antoinette, born 3 March 1725 at Sorel, P.Q.; died 2 April 1725.
5. Angelique, born 3 March 1725.

Under the Livingston Blog posting "Shedding new light on former postings", I clarified how the marriage of Marguerite Loiseau took place.  However, I feel I must return to the marriage of Antoine III Desrosiers Lafreniere and Marie Angelique Piette Trempe to share more information regarding their children, especially in regards to Joseph.

On February 8, 1751, Joseph Desrosiers dit Lafreniere wed Marie Madeleine Petit Bruneau as per the geneaological database at the Unversity of Montreal as below:

(Please note: "Anonyme" as listed as the second child above means that the child born had sadly died without being given a name and thus, he/she is referred to as "anonymous".)

Next week:  Unveiling the parents of Antoine Lafreniere born in 1799 in Maskinonge, QC based on PRDH database.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Shedding new light on former postings

     After much head-scratching and many hours pondering French parish penmanship, I have decided to rely on a new database of original documents.  Compiled by the University of Montreal, this vast source of Quebec ancestors is called the Research Program in Historical Demography, better known as Le Programme de Recherche en Demographie Historique (PRDH).  This research database consists of more than 700,000 entries based on original Quebec birth, marriage and death certificates, including those lovely French Drouin collection parish records that made me cross-eyed.  The Montreal researchers have combined all of the documents to share the geneaology of families in the St. Lawrence Valley from 1621-1799.

Based on this vast database, I would like to review some of my past postings as it confirms and sometimes denies the existence of some of our ancestors as stated by Doreen's, Bernie's, Bernadette's and yours truly.  I hope you find the next few posting as enlightening and interesting as I have.

Firstly, I would like to return to the posting dated February 11, 2012.  In this posting, I described the 9 children of Antoine (II) Desrosiers dit Lafreniere and Marie Renee Lepelle dit Desmarets (married on November 26, 1696) as follows:

*1. Antoine III born 21 March 1698; married Angelique PIETTE 9 February 1722 at Sorel, P.Q.   Died 1 May 1760 in Quebec City, QC.  (***Please note:  WE WILL REVISIT THIS FAMILY IN MY NEXT POSTING***)
2. Marie Josephe, born 31 January 1700, married Adrien NEPVEU 20 June 1719 at Sorel, I’lle Dupas, P.Q., died?
3. Marie Genevieve, born 20 May 1702, married Francois HOURE on 26 November 1731, died?
4. Marie Madeleine, born 27 May 1704; married Louis LEFEBVRE (1) in 1735; married Joseph Potier   9 October 1747 - both marriages took place at Trois Rivieres; died?
5. Marie Agnes, born 22 August 1706, married Joseph Jean-Denis 20 June 1725, died ? at I’lle Dupas.
6. Marie Anne, born 3 November 1708.
7. Hyacinthe, born 9 February 1711.
8. Jean Baptiste Charles, born 26 December 1721.
9. Joseph, born 27 May 1713.

Now, here is the NEW and UPDATED version of Antoine and Marie-Renee's family of 10 children as per the PRDH database:

Please notice how this new database provides much more information, such as dates of marriages and deaths and full names of spouses (I am especially ecstatic with the confirmation of Jean Baptiste's marriage to Marie Marguerite Vanasse Vertefeuille and their son Jean Baptiste marrying Marguerite Loiseau as I stated in a posting on February 27th. I'm so brilliant!! LOL Please no applause, but a standing ovation would be awesome. LOL).  By the way, "Lieu indetermine au Quebec" means "place undetermined in Quebec".

As indicated in the above diagram, this new database has revealed new data regarding male children:  Joseph, Alexis, Pierre and Jean Baptiste .  I have taken the liberty to investigate if they created families of their own.

Born in 1713, Joseph Desrosiers Lafreniere failed to have any children by his first wife, Marie Josephe Aure.  He remarried in 1740 to Marie Piette, but again there is no record of children. Unfortunately, I was not able to determine why his first marriage only lasted 3 years (although I know some men can be very difficult to live

Here is Alexis' family with his wife Marie Agathe Bigot Dorval:

Here is Pierre's family with wife Marie Genevieve Casaubon Didier:

In 1759, Pierre married Marie Madeleine Boucher and here is a record of their family (it's becoming quite clear that these Lafreniere men really cannot survive without a good woman by their side---smart fellas :)

And finally, here is Jean Baptiste's family (please note the second entry of son Jean Baptiste who later married Marie Marguerite Loiseau Francouer):

And below are the family members of Jean Baptiste and Marie Marguerite Loiseau (this family was discussed in the February 27, 2012 posting. Please note the absence of Antoine Jean Baptiste Lafreniere born in 1800 in St. Croix and married Madeleine McTavish as noted by Doreen's research):

Next posting:   A review of the February 20, 2012 posting which discussed the family of Antoine III Desrosiers dit Lafreniere and Angelique Piette Trempe.