Thursday, 10 May 2012

Review of February 20, 2012 posting based on PRDH findings:

Since the records developed by the University of Montreal clarified data on a number of our ancestors in my last posting, I thought it would help to review another family posting that I entered on February 20, 2012.  This particular posting included my mini-lecture on conducting family research (I don't mean to lecture; please remember I always mean well - and yes I know that you are rolling your eyes now) and a description of the children of Antoine (III) Desrosiers dit Lafreniere and Angelique Piette Trempe.

According to Doreen;s original notes, here is a list of their children:
1. Genevieve born 22 January 1723 at I'lle Dupas, QC.; married 1 January 1743 to
Charles Tellier; second marriage 27 May 1771; died 25 November 1782 Berthierville,
2. Joseph Antoine born at Sorel, P.Q. in 1730?, married Marie Anne HUS 8 April 1755,
died 1760?
*3. Jean Baptiste Antoine, born 1726? ; married Marguerite LOISEAU__________
4. Marie Antoinette, born 3 March 1725 at Sorel, P.Q.; died 2 April 1725.
5. Angelique, born 3 March 1725.

Under the Livingston Blog posting "Shedding new light on former postings", I clarified how the marriage of Marguerite Loiseau took place.  However, I feel I must return to the marriage of Antoine III Desrosiers Lafreniere and Marie Angelique Piette Trempe to share more information regarding their children, especially in regards to Joseph.

On February 8, 1751, Joseph Desrosiers dit Lafreniere wed Marie Madeleine Petit Bruneau as per the geneaological database at the Unversity of Montreal as below:

(Please note: "Anonyme" as listed as the second child above means that the child born had sadly died without being given a name and thus, he/she is referred to as "anonymous".)

Next week:  Unveiling the parents of Antoine Lafreniere born in 1799 in Maskinonge, QC based on PRDH database.

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  1. Most of these children led such short lives. It gives some indication of how difficult living conditions must have been.