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Unveiling the parents of Antoine Lafreniere born in 1799

As indicated in the posting dated May 4, 2012, Antoine Lafreniere born in St. Croix, Ontario in 1800 was not listed as a child of Jean-Baptiste Desrosiers Lafreniere and Marie Marguerite Loiseau.  Please do not misunderstand.  I am not denying Antoine's existence as he was an important member of our family.  I will confirm in later postings that he married Magdeleine dit Letard St. Onge dit McTavish on August 17, 1826 on Drummond Island and they had many children.  I am simply stating that I am certain that his descendants are different than stated by Doreen's work.

According to the PRDH geneaological database at the University of Montreal, Antoine Lafreniere was born on October 16, 1799 in Maskinonge, Quebec. This is a copy of his baptismal parish record (see upper right entry - unfortunately I could not make this image larger):

Here is an overview of the parishes near Maskinonge.  Maskinonge is located in the center of the map (this was taken from the PRDH website at and it can be accessed at no charge. (It is free to download general data from the PRDH, but the database charges a fee for downloading specific genealogical documents.)  Please note the other parishes near Maskinonge in the area: Sorel in the south, Berthierville in the southwest, and Louisville (also known as Riviere du Loup) northeast of Maskinonge.

Antoine's parents were Antoine Charles Lupin Lafreniere (born January 10, 1762 in Maskinonge, QC) and Marie Josephe Banhiac Lamontagne Beaulieu (born June 4, 1766 in Louisville, QC).  On his birth records, Antoine's father is recorded as a "terrien".  Here is a list of Antoine's siblings:

Unfortunately, I was not able to locate any data on Antoine's siblings, especially his brother Louis.  Since the PRDH only keeps records up to 1800, it does not provide details on anything that takes place after 1800 so marriages and deaths have been omitted from this research resource.  As a result, further ancestral research will become more time-consuming. 

Thus, my next posting will focus on the parents of Antoine Lupien Lafreniere.

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