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The Ulric Livingston Family PART THREE:

Ulric's Parents and Siblings

Helen and Ulric Livingston circa 1959

Ulric's Grandparents

According to Doreen (Livingston) Moore, Ulric Livingston's grandparents were Joseph Luversant and Marie Rose Lefebvre (married 14 November 1836) and they had 2 children:
  1. Joseph born 3 July 1837 at Hawkesbury, ON . I could not locate an official birth record for Joseph, but his baptismal record of 7 October 1837 at Ste. Madeleine Parish in Rigaud, Vaudreuil QC declared his parents as "Joseph Luversant, a cultivateur at Hawkesbury" and "Rose Lefebvre," and his godparents as "Arsene Luversant" (godfather) and "Emelie Cadieux" (godmother). [PLEASE NOTE: a copy of this original record was sent to me by a very kind volunteer from the geneaological database message board provided by The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints at and I am eternally grateful.]

  2. Edesse born 28 March 1839 at Hawkesbury, ON. She wed Vincent Blais (born about 1832) in Prescott, ON on 11 July 1859 and resided in Chatham County, Argenteuil, QC. Vincent died in 1895 and Edesse attended the burial at St. Phillippe d'Argentuil, QC. Vincent's parents were Jean Baptist Blais and Mary Hayman. [This data was extracted from the record for "Edesse Laviolette" in the Ontario Marriages Records 1801-1928. Edesse's parents were listed as "Joseph Lavolette" and "Lerose Lavolette".]
According to Doreen's account, Joseph, at the age of 36, married Albina Robillard 24 February 1873 at St. Louis-de-Gonzague County, Beauharnois, QC. However, we must stop to closely examine the parish marital record as displayed below:

The marital record clearly states Joseph's name as "Joseph Jacques Liversans" and his father as "Jacques Liversans." Albina's parents, Benoit Robillard and Emelie Gendron, attended the wedding, but I found it very odd that Joseph's father was accompanied by "Phebee Poirier" and not his wife Marie Rose. In fact, Marie Rose Lefebvre was not present at her son's wedding as she had died at the age of 60 on 10 October 1865 in Prescott, ON.

PLEASE NOTE: This is where my research may create more questions than answers, and I am sorry for the headscratching that this will cause. Nevertheless, I do have a theory, so please be patient and enterain me.

Although I was unable to track down a marital record for Joseph's father, Jacques Liversans and Phebee Poirier, I was able to confirm that according to the Canada Census 1871, Jacques Liversant was aged 63 (born about 1808) and Phebee Liversant aged 48 (born about 1823). In 1871, they resided in St. Louis de Gonzague, Beauharnois, QC with two children: Angele Liversant aged 24 (born about 1847), and Joseph Liversant aged 22 born about 1849.

MY THEORY:  My apologizes if the following theory offends anyone as it is not meant to; it is only meant to attempt to explain some discrepancies that I have encountered with Doreen's family history.

My theory:  it is possible that Joseph Luversant was born in 1808, wed Marie Rose Lefebvre in 1836, and they had two children together:  Joseph (1837) and Edesse (1839). It is not physically possible that Joseph and Marie's son Joseph could have had children at the age of ten. Thus, I believe that it is very likely, for whatever reason, Joseph Luversant and Marie Rose Lefebvre parted ways. By 1846, Joseph found comfort in the arms of another woman, Phebee Poirier, and she gave birth to Angele (1847) and Joseph (1849). In my opinion, Joseph, born in 1849, was Ulric Livingston's father and consequently, Ulric's true grandparents were Joseph Luversant and Phebee Poirier. Both Joseph and Phebee were still alive in 1891 as residents of St. Louis de Gonzague, Beauharnois based on the Canada Census 1891.

To further support my theory, we must consider another primary document partially displayed below:

Many of you may not be aware, but Ulric was searching for documentation regarding his birth in order to apply for Canada Old Age Pension in the 1960's. He wrote several letters to his siblings, churches and municipalities to find his birth records as well as details about his father. In response to Ulric's request for information, St. Mary's Rectory in Bay City, MI replied on March 4, 1967 with the above letter, which stated the following information regarding his father:
"Jos. Liversant, date of death August 5, 1892; date of burial August 6, 1892, age 42 years. Priest: Jos. Schrembs, Cemetery:  St. Joseph."
This data was confirmed by the Michigan, Deaths and Burials Index, 1867-1995 as extracted from

The letter from St. Mary's Rectory further explained that there was no other information available regarding Joseph Liversant as the letter's author Father Schrembs (who later became Archbishop of Cleveland, Ohio) did not keep detailed internment records, which was quite common at the time.  The letter also claimed that Joseph Liversant's remains had been moved in the 1950's:
"St. Joseph's Cemetery no longer exists. In the 1950's, the Pastor of Visitation, a daughter parish of St. Mary's, was ordered by the Bishop "to either clean up St. Joseph's or have the remains moved to Calvary Cemetery outside of Bay City. The Pastor of Visitation chose the latter course and the area is now a parking area for the Visitation Church."
In summary, it is my belief that Ulric's father was Joseph Liversant, born to Jacques and Phebee Liversant in 1849, and Joseph wed Albina Robillard on 24 February 1873 at St.Louis-de-Gonzague Parish, Beauharnois, QC. Joseph worked as a laborer and died of tuberculosis on 5 August 1892.

Ulric's mother, Albina Robillard

Albina, one of three children, was born to parents Benoit Robillard and Emilie Gendron. Albina's father was born on 19 February 1844 at St. Clement, Beauharnois County, QC. In the 1871 Census of Canada, Benoit's occupation was recorded as "cultivateur" and they resided in St.Louis-de-Gonzague, Beauharnois, QC. I am uncertain when her father died, but Albina's mother was listed as a widow at age 82 in the 1901 Census of Canada.

In Doreen's family record, she claimed that Albina married again and her last name changed to Ledoux in 1895. Sadly, her second husband died in 1898 (I am searching for this marital record). In the 1910 Census of Canada, Albina Ledoux, aged 55, is recorded as living with Alma Livingston, aged 24, and her husband George Heiler, aged 25, and their son Leo, aged 7 months, in DeWitt, MI. According to a letter addressed to Ulric dated December 7, 1962 from Tache Hospital for Chronic and Geriatric Patients in St. Boniface, MB, his mother Albina died August 27, 1935 and the Manitoba, Death Index 1881-1941, Vital Statistics Agency declared Albina's birthdate as 26 May 1850.  

The Children of Joseph Liversant and Albina Robillard

According to Doreen (Moore) Livingston's account, the Liversant/Livingston family moved to Bay City, MI prior to June 1879 (before their daughter Caroline's third birthday - see details below). In Bay City, Joseph worked amongst English-speaking men and it is believed that he changed his last name from "Liversant" to "Livingston" because his peers could not pronounce his French last name. [Unfortunately, this name change was not legalized and thus, it makes tracing the family history much more difficult.]

The following data is largely based on Doreen (Moore) Livingston's account of the children born to Joseph Liversant/Livingston and Albina Robillard. Doreen's work is extraordinary based on the ancestry research methods available during the 1980's. In addition, my dear great uncle, Great Uncle Bernie Livingston, maintained some family records and a sincere pursuit and concern for sharing family information. To compliment their work, I have added new information in some areas. Here are the children of Joseph and Albina Liversant/Livingston:
  1. Rose Anna born 15 January 1875 in Canada, probably Quebec; wed (1) Francis Arthur Law on 20 February 1897 in Saginaw, MI; (2) Lee F. Eddington; and Rose Anna died 27 September 1963 at Alma, Michigan in a masonic home. According to Doreen, Rose Anna "bore no children, kept in touch with her brothers and sisters, and lived near the Heilers." [Rose's sister Alma married George Heiler - see below]. Rose's second husband, Lee, pictured below (born 29 March 1883 in Montrose, MI) operated a grocery store in Bridgeport,MI until 1949 when he retired. Rose Anna and Lee moved to Lupton, MI, which was 1.5 hours north of Saginaw, to live in Shady Shores Resort area. He was a member of the Bridgeport Masonic Lodge #258 F, and A.M. and Order of the Eastern Star (OES) Chapter 441. 

  2. Alma, Rose Anna, Ed Heiler, Lee Eddington, George Heiler

  3. Caroline born 25 June 1876 in Quebec and by Caroline's third birthday, the Liversant/Livingston family moved to Bay City, MI. Caroline wed Pascal Cloutier (born about 1866) on 25 August 1892,  and they had moved to Rhode Island by 1894 where their first daughter, Albina, was born. By 1897, they moved to Fall River, MASS where their second daughter was born. In 1910, the family had moved 41 miles northwest to Putnam, CONN where Pascal was employed as a driver for a coal company (1910 US Federal Census). In the 1920 US Federal Census, Pascal's occupation was recorded as railroad laborer. Caroline and Pascal's children:

    • Albina born 4 August 1894 in Warren, Rhode Island. The 1910 US Federal Census claimed that Albina worked as a "reeler" at a silk mill at age 15 in Putnam.
    • Marie Eva Cloutier born 15 October 1897 in Fall River, Bristol County, Massachussetts to parents Pascal Cloutier and "Carolina Leversant" according to Massachussetts, Births 1841-1915. She was recorded as an employee at a silk mill in Putnam and living with her parents in the 1930 US Federal Census. Eva cared for her mother until her mother was aged 90 and then she could no longer care for her. Eva died 23 May 1975 at age 78.
    • [Euclide Cloutier born about 1917 based on the 1930 US Federal Census where he is listed as age 11. This child is not mentioned in Doreen's records, and I was unable to find further data regarding Euclide.]

    • Eva Cloutier, Carol Houle (a neighbour's daughter?), Caroline Cloutier in June 1961

  4. Fred Oliver.  Although I was not able to locate birth records for "Fred Oliver," I discovered a record for Joseph Oliver Liversant born 29 December 1877 to father Joseph Liversant and mother Albina Robillard at St. Joseph Parish in Orleans, ON in the Ontario, Canada, Catholic Church Records (Drouin Collection) 1747-1967. It is my belief that this is the birth record of Fred Oliver Livingston. It was common practice to name your first son after the father of the family and thus, the name "Joseph Oliver." In my opinion, his official name was "Joseph Oliver", but for reasons unknown, he changed his name to "Fred Oliver".  

    Now, here is Doreen's account recorded in 1985 about Fred Oliver:
    The Spanish American War Veterans National Headquarters in the U.S.A. referred the compiler to the National Archives Trust (N.A.T.). The only listing the N.A.T. had for a Fred Oliver Livingston was of an enlistment on March 22, 1899 at Camp Point, Illinois at the age of 22 years. Letters written to Rose Anna by Fred, dated July 12, 1898 from Tampa, Florida and on July 23, 1898 from "On board the S.S. Cherokee" en route to Puerto Rico are the last communication from Fred".
    PLEASE NOTE:  It must be noted that Doreen's original request to the National Archives Trust (N.A.T.), accompanied by a $5.00  money order, was for a copy of the Veteran Record  for "Fred Oliver Livingston" of "Michigan or Florida" in Co. "D" 19th Infantry. This request could not be fulfilled and Doreen's money order was returned. In their reply, the N.A.T. clearly indicated that they could only identify a"similar variation" of "Fred Oliver Livingston," which was extracted from the US Army, Register of Enlistments 1798-1914, as follows:  
    Fred Oliver Livingston. Enlisted March 22, 1899 Camp Point, Illinois 22 years of age appears on US Registry Enlistment under File Designation entry 604, page 15, and volume 101
    Unfortunately, the N.A.T. did not supply Doreen with the complete record for Fred, and I firmly believe that if Doreen had received it, she would have dismissed this person as a relation.

    The full record as supplied by stated: 
  5. Fred Oliver Livingston. Enlisted at Quincy, Illinois on March 22, 1899 at the age of 22 and his birthplace was declared as Camp Point, Illinois. He was described as having brown eyes, dark hair, dark complexion, White race, 5' 10" tall, and part of the 23rd Infantry. He was discharged February 21 year unknown (likely 1900) in Michigan at Madison Banks.
    There are three items about this "similar variation" of "Fred Oliver Livingston" that disturbs me: his birthplace, his infantry, and his discharge. As stated earlier, I could not unearth the birth records of Fred Oliver, but I believe he was born in Ontario in 1877. It is difficult to believe that Fred's parents traveled more than 17 hours southwest to give birth to Fred in Camp Point, Illinois. His letters to his sister Rose Anna (see below) clearly indicated the 19th Infantry and not the 23rd as stated above. In addition, no family members to my knowledge received any letters postdated July 28, 1898. Since the Spanish American War ended less than two weeks later on August 12, 1898 and based on Fred's sentimental letters, it is very likely that he would have rushed home to be with his family following the war. And if he was not released from duty until February 21 (probably 1900), he  would have notified his family about his whereabouts and to assure them of his safety.

    PLEASE NOTE:  I am not denying that Fred Oliver Livingston fought for the American Army because there is no question that he participated in the Spanish American War. Here are the last two letters that his sister Rose received while Fred was bravely preparing to storm the beaches of  Puerto Rico: 
              In Camp: Tampa Florida July 12, 1898

               Dear Sister:
       I thought it was about time for me to write to let you know how I am getting along. Well we are still living in camp not at Mobile but at Tampa waiting for orders to move. We had a good trip down here. We were three days on the road. Florida is not as nice a country as people say it is. It has been raining every day for the last two weeks. There is nothing but sand here it is worse than Mich. I had a very good time on the fourth. I went to a picnic in the morning and had a fine time but it is worst than ever now, the dame round of duty. We drill three hours a day and do guard duty every five days stay on twenty four hours. Well I suppose you are having fine weather up there now I would give a good deal if I was up there now. Tell Henry & Alma to write to me I would like to hear from them. This will be all for the present. Give my regards to Frank. Write soon from [stamped] Fred O. Livingston, Co. "D" 19th Infantry, Tampa, Florida 

      On board the S.S. Cherokee: July 28, 1898 

      Dear Sister: -

      We have at last got orders to go. I am on board the transport. There is 800 of us here. We started on the 22nd from Port Tampa and we had been out if sight of land for three days but we are now on the coast of Hyali [Haiti] or Santo Domingo making for Porto Rico [Puerto Rico] at the rate of nine miles an hour, it is very rough the ship is pitching from one side to the other so it is pretty hard for me to write so will make it a short one And probably the last one Five transports started ahead of us and we will meet all fourty miles from P.R. and we will get there together. We are under General Schman [Schwan]. We will meet General Miles in P.R. This will be all for the present. I will write if I get another chance, Adress as before it will be forwarded give my love to the children and regards to Frank. Good Bye Rose and a kiss from [signed] F.O. Livingston, Co. "D" 19th Infantry

      4. David Leversant born 2 March 1880 in Bay City, Michigan [according to Michigan, Births & Christenings Index, 1867-1911, David was born to parents "Joseph Leversant and Albina Leversant" and I believe that this is the sibling which was listed as "stillborn" according to Doreen's research.]
    5. Henry Joseph born 26 February 1882 in Bay City, MI [his father was recorded as "Joseph Livingston" and mother "Albina Robbilard" in the Michigan, Births & Christenings Index 1867-1911]. Henry wed Anna Schweikl of Wabeno, Wisconsin (she was born in 1891 in Stradford, WI) and in 1910, they resided in Wabeno, Forest County, WI with their first child, Beatrice, and Anna's relative (perhaps sister or cousin) Theresa Schweikl (1910 US Federal Census). In 1910, Henry's occupation was noted as "painter." Henry's and Anna's lives demonstrate an incredible work ethic that far exceeds my ability, and I am certain that of most people of today's generation.
    According to Middle Lake: the Vintage Years compiled by the Middle Lake Saskatchewan History Book Committee, Henry and his family moved to Hayter, AB in 1916 and returned to Saskatchewan four years later (this book provides many of the details regarding Henry and his family, see pages 282-284). In 1922, they homesteaded one mile south of Middle Lake, SK. During their early years, Henry's and Anna's children attended Colorado School and St. Bernard's Church. When Middle Lake School opened, their children switched schools. Henry helped in the construction of St. Peter's College in Muenster, SK, which was founded by the Benedictine Monks of St. Peter's Abbey in 1921 and has been associated with the University of Saskatchewan since 1926.

    St. Peter's College, Muenster, SK

    In addition, Henry helped build the Ursuline Academy, which was overseen by the Ursuline Convent, in Bruno, SK in 1922. Its last graduating class was in the 1980s, but it was reopened in 2007 as the St. Therese College, focusing on the promotion of Catholic faith, healing and theology. Henry was also in charge of building Canadian Martyrs Church in Middle Lake, SK. As Doreen noted, Henry sold milk during the Depression in the middle 1930's until their herd of cattle drowned after falling through a frozen lake. By 1943, they moved to Middle Lake where they opened a cafe, but they had to close it after Henry suffered a stroke in the summer of 1944. He was bedridden until his death on 17 March 1951 and he was buried at the Holy Canadian Martyrs Roman Catholic Cemetery, next door to the church that he helped built at Three Lakes, SK. His wife Anna died 14 September 1958 and she was buried at the same location.

    Here is a list of their 16 children [man, they were a busy couple!!]:
Henry and Anna 1937

    Dolores Livingston & Joe Seufert 1932
    • Beatrice Rosella born 20 September 1908 at Wabeno, WI; and wed Theodore Rudolph Kohlen (born 28 April 1909 in Humboldt, SK and died November 1981). They had 6 children: Darlene, Jerome, Doris, Allan, Edna, Ted. Beatrice died about November 1980 at age 72 in Quesnel, BC.
    • Noland born 19 August 1910 at Wabeno, WI. He travelled with Mike Hoffman's circus, playing banjo and entertaining for a number of years. He wed Kay Zentner and they farmed in the Algrove district near Middle Lake and later Saskatoon. They had four children: Yvonne Kellington of Naicam, SK; Sylvia Livingston of Sylvania; Doreen Pawlak of Calgary, AB; and Bruce of Edmonton, AB. Noland died 19 December 1979 in Saskatoon, SK.
    • Omer and Henry born February 28, 1912; sadly, Henry died February 28, 1912. Omer was a carpenter and he was also in the army. He wed Evelyn Livingston in 1941 in St. Walburg where they farmed and raised five children: David, Noel, Leo, Evelyn, and Elaine.
    • Dolores born 21 January 1916 at Green Bay, WI; and wed Joseph Andrew Seufert (born 17 March 1905 in Rosthern, SK) on 27 October 1932 in Pilfer, SK. They farmed north of Middle Lake, SK. They moved to Kelowna in 1971. They had 12 children: Almer, Gloria, Harold, William, Marian, Elaine, Otto, Henry, Daniel, Stanley, Ruth, and Linda. Both Dolores (died 19 May 2005) and Joe (died 1991) are buried at the Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery.
    • Berneice born December 17, 1917 at Hayter, Alberta and wed Steve Furl.They lived in Weirdale, SK for several years and later retired in Prince Albert, SK.
    • lvan born September 2, 1919 at Hayter, Alberta. Ivan was in the army and later transferred to the Air Force. He married ____  and moved to North Vancouver and they had two children: Darryl, and Alan.
    • Theresa born December 21, 1920 at Carmel, SK; (1) married Louis Fisher of Bruno, SK and they had four children: Ronald, Robert, Jackie, and Linda. Louis died in October 1967. Theresa remarried in 1969 to Charles Whitehorn.
    • Loretta born November 8, 1922 at Middle Lake, Saskatchewan; married Ed Taphorn in June 1944 and they had one child named Twyla Caissy. Loretta worked as a nurse from 1955 until Ed was fatally injured in 1976 in the C.N.R. yards where he had been  employed for 32 years.
    • Henry born July 22, 1924 at Middle Lake, SK. He served in the army and later married Emma Lengyel and they had four children: Blair, Guy, Zola, Kim.
    • Norman: born April I1, 1926 at Middle Lake, SK. He enlisted in the Air Force and married Anne Choma in 1950. They moved to Calgary, AB in 1958 and later to Crows Nest Pass in 1967. They had 7 children: Norman, David, Carol, Charlotte, Lyla, Duane, and Kevin.
    • Darlene born January 4, 1928 at Middle Lake, SK; married Ralph Banke and they had two children: Myles and Lynn. Myles married Gaye Schlacter of Humboldt, SK and Lynn wed Bill McDonald and moved to Prince Albert, SK.
    • Stanley born August 16, 1929 at Middle Lake, SK and married Evelyn Griffith of Melfort, SK and they had one child named Ricky, who became a teacher. Stanley later moved to Bow Island, AB.
    • Ramona born November 17, 1931 at Middle Lake, SK and married Lawrence Fischl in 1950. They had four children: Judy, Delbert, Bruce, Joe, and Terry.
    • Douglas and David:  stillborn 

    6. Albert Francis born 5 January 1883 and baptized 5 January 1884 in Bay City, MI. According to the 1900 US Federal Census, Albert resided with his sister Rose Anna in Saginaw, MI where he worked as a farm laborer at age 16. He later lived with his sister Alma on her husband's farm in DeWitt, MI (1930 US Federal Census). He never married and he wrote several letters to his brother Ulric, although his handwriting was full of tremors as if he had been writing on a bumpy surface or perhaps suffered from Parkinson's.  Nevertheless, he definitely had a sense of humour--in a letter to Ulric he stated that Caroline and Eva only wrote once in 60 years! At one point in his life, he moved to Racine, Wisconsin where he lived for 11 years in a rooming house (discussed in a letter to Ulric). He later moved to Miami, Florida where I believe he died in his '80s (he is mentioned as aged 83 in a letter from Clara Edna, Leo's wife, to Ulric and Helen Livingston).

    7. Alma born 25 October 1886 at Bay City, MI and wed George William Heiler (born 16 January 1884; his father was German and his mother was from France) on 24 November 1908 at Lansing, MI. Both Joseph Livingston and Albina Robillard attended the wedding. George farmed in Lansing, MI and on September 2, 1918, he filled out an US WWI Draft Registration Card where he described himself as medium height, medium build, blue eyes and dark hair (US World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918). At some point in their lives, George and Alma moved to Florida and Alma died in an extended care home on 6 January 1965. George died in January 1966 . They had nine children:
    • Irene born 1911, and married Max Mallison. Max retired before 1976 and took dancing lessons with Irene. Irene lived in DeWitt in 1984. She was described with a head that shook like her mother Alma's in a letter by Charles' wife Loretta. 
    • Lawrence born 7 July 1914. He enlisted in the U.S. Army on 6 February 1942 at Fort Custer, MI. He was home on furlough as a Private in December 1944. He described himself as single, grammar school educated, and farm hand experienced. The American army recorded his height as 67 inches and weight as 146 pounds (US WWII Enlistment Records 1938-1942 courtesy of After his discharge in October 1945, he married Alma Vesta Billington (date unknown) and they had seven children. He died 9 September 1995 and he is buried in the Pinckney Cemetery in Saranac, MI. His gravestone states "Tec 4 US Army WWII" and this can be viewed at
    • Albert born January 12, 1916 in Clinton County, and married Elsie Berg on September 7, 1940. He was employed for 12 years at the Chevrolet Transmission Plant. When he died of a heart attack in Saginaw, MI on January 27,1969, his obituary stated that he had operated Heiler's Shoe Repair Shop in Saginaw for 23 years. They had three sons: Jack, Bill and Ted.
    • Leo born 1909. He was married twice and had three children. By 1969, he resided in Eagle, MI and died in April 1983.
    • Charles born November 29, 1919 and resided in Dansville, MI by 1969.
    • Margaret born about 1913 (based on 1930 US Federal Census); wed Clifford Beechnaw and resided at Houghton Lake, MI. She died of ovarian cancer on January 9, 1988 in Lansing, MI.
    • Josephine born 1925; wed Willis Fuller; and divorced Willis before 1976. She married Larry Gladstone and resided in Charlotte, MI. In 1969, she resided in DeWitt, MI.
    • Bernadine Mary born 1926; wed Leo Ettinger and resided in DeWitt, MI.
    • Georgine born 1919; wed W.L. Steele and resided in Port Richey, Florida.

    8. Leo Joseph born 23 April 1887 at Bay City, MI. He moved to Canada in 1907 and he married wed Clara Edna Schiestel (born 13 July 1890 Teeswater, ON) on 21 October 1909 in Provost, Alberta. Leo died in the St. Walburg Union Hospital on 23 February 1959 at St. Walburg, SK at the age of 71 following a lengthy illness.
    Leo and Clara moved to Turtleford, SK in August 1919 and then to Spruce Lake, SK in March 1921. In November 1921, they moved to a farm 6.5 miles south of St. Walburg and built a house in the town in 1947. Leo was well known throughout the area around St. Walburg as he was very active in the community. He was a reeve (also known as president) of a municipality for 11 years, a Wheat Pool delegate from 1928 to 1946, served as president of the Paradise Hill Hospital, and as Credit Union director of the St. Walburg Co-op. He died in St. Walburg Union Hospital on 23 February 1959 at age 71 following a lengthy illness. 
    Leo and Clara had one child named Evelyn who married her cousin Omer Livingston and they had five children:

    Clara  Edna and grandson David
    • David born May 10, 1943; wed Dianne ____ and had two children Michael, born May 21, 1980 and Matthew, born October 22, 1982.
    • NoeI born September 29, 1947; married Edith Carson on June 22, 1970 and they had two children Corina and Brent.
    • Evelyn born September 22, 1951; married Roy Sankey and they had two girls: Dallas and Glee.
    • Leo born January 13, 1949
    • Elaine born March 2, 1958

    In a letter dated 1977, Leo's wife Clara Edna wrote to Helen and Ulric Livingston at the age of 86 and wrote "I sure miss Leo a lot," almost 20 years after his death. Clara died on 1 October 1978 in St. Walburg only five weeks after the above picture was taken.

    9. Michael Liversant did Ulric Livingston born 23 October 1890 at Bay City, MI; wed Marie Marguerite Helene Langevin on 2 July 1917 at Scott, SK; and died 7 May 1977 in Vancouver, BC.

    Next posting: The Ulric Livingston Family PART FOUR: Ulric's Life

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