Monday, 27 February 2012

(Please note that I could not find any church documents confirming the marriage of Antoine III's son Jean Baptiste and Marguerite Loiseau, which is very odd. Read the footnote to ponder an interesting tidbit.)

Based on Doreen (Livingston) Moore's notes:

1. May, born 1781.
2. Amable, born 1783.
3. Claude, born 1785.
4. Augustine Jean-Baptiste, born 1787.
5. Joseph Jean-Baptiste, born 1793.
6. Julie Jean Baptiste, born 1795.
7. Antoine Jean Baptiste, born 1800 at St. Croix, Ontario; married Madeleine McTavish on 5 August 1826 at St. Croix, Ontario; died 2 December 1880 Lafontaine, Ontario.

FOOTNOTE: An interesting development strictly based on parish records- If we return to the children of Antoine II Desrosiers dit Lafreniere and Marie Renee Lepelle dite Desmarets, their son Jean Baptiste Charles, born 26 December 1721, married Marguerite Vanasse dit Vertefeuille in 1749 and they had 4 children (Sadly, mother Marguerite died in 1757 at age 28).

One of their 4 children, Jean Baptiste Desrosiers dit Lafreniere, was born in 1752.  Jean Baptiste grew up and married Marie Marguerite Loiseau dit Francoeur on 8 February 1779 in Louisville QC, as recorded in the Quebec Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection) 1621-1967 image 192.  They had many children and some of them were Amable (born 1783), Jean Baptiste (born 1780), Marguerite, Claude  (born 1785), Augusten (born 1787), Genevieve (1789), Angelique (born 1791), Joseph (born 1793), and Julie (born 1795).  Please note the similarities to the children listed above. 

Is this just a coincidence or is there more to it?  I will spend the next week trying to figure this out.

Of course, I only wanted to share this with you so that we can share my confused state of mind :).  My Mom always taught me that it's always nice to share!

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