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Marie Desrosiers
born 16 June 1650 Trois Rivieres,QC
married 19 February 1664 to Alexander Raoul
(They had ten children:  4 boys and 6 girls)
died 28 June 1722 Champlain,QC

Michel Jacob Desrosiers dit Desilets
born 3 September 1652 Trois Rivieres, QC
baptized at the Imaculee Conception Church
married Marie Jeanne Thomasse Artault in 1680
(They had nine children: 4 boys and 5 girls. Michel added " Desilets" to his name.) 
died 11 February 1734 Champlain, QC

Joseph Desrosiers
born 29 July 1655 Trois Rivieres, QC
married Francois Dubois 1678?

Jean Desrosiers dit Dutremble
born 30 September 1657 Champlain, QC
married Marie Francoise Dandonneau on 20 January 1682 Champlain, QC
(They had ten children:  7 boys and 3 girls. Jean added "Dutremble")
died 23 February 1704 Champlain, QC

born 1672
married 18 March 1687 to Claude Drouet
(They had eleven children: 8 boys and 3 girls)

born 12 november 1661
married to Jacques Turcot
(They had eleven children:  5 boys and 6 girls)
{Jacques Turcot died 6 April 1699}
married again on 24 April 1702 to Jean Debidabe
died 23 Feb 1731 Champlain, QC

Antoine Desrosiers dit Lafreniere
born 30 August 1664
married 26 November 1696 to Marie-Renee Lepelle
(They had eleven children: 5 boys and 6 girls)
died 1760 Berthierville, QC

born 1667
married 24 April 1702 to Marguerite Aubuchon
(They had 3 boys and 6 girls)
died 1723 Becancour, QC 

Back to Doreen's story:

The oldest inhabitants of Trois Rivieres

Ancestors of Marie Renee Lepelle were two of the oldest inhabitants of Trois Rivieres in 1634 (History of French Canadians by Benjamin Sulte 1608-1880).

Giullaume ISABEL arrived in Trois Rivieres in 1634, where he occupied a piece of land.  Two years later, he obtained a second parcel of land, in 1648, he married Catherine DODIER and in 1652, he was killed by the Iroquois, leaving two daughters. One daughter later married the father of Marie Renee LEPELLE. Her name was Jean ISABEL.
Sebastian DODIER, carpenter, lived in Trois Rivieres in 1634 also.  His house stood in the actual Place d-Armes.  His wife, Marie BONHOMME, was first mentioned here in 1645 and appears to have been a kinswoman of Gaspard BOUCHER.  Records show one child of this marriage; Catherine DODIER, born 1628, married (1) Guillame ISABEL in 1648, (2) Pierre Le Pele dit Lahaie in 1652; died 16 April 1673.

In her second marriage, Catherine had nine children: Francois (m), Francoise (f), Claude (m), Joseph (m), Pierre (m), Marie (f), Catherine (f), Perrinne (f), Marie Madeleene (f).

Jean LEPELLE sieur DES MARETS (in some records, DESMAREST), was born in 1641.  In 1667, he married Jeanne ISABEL and died at Champlain 17 June 1708. Their children are as follows:

1.  Francoise born 21 October 1667 at Trois Rivieres, married Martin CASAUBON (Sergent) 14 February 1689.

2.  Antoine born 1669, married Barbe GODFROY 20 June 1700, died February 1734.

3.  Pierre born 1671.

4.  Francois born 1674.

5.  Marie-Renee born 1678, married ANTOINE DESROSIERS II dit LAFRENIERE 26 November 1696.

6.  Catherine born 27 January 1682; married Bernard BRISSET 1 February 1712.

7.  Alexis born 26 December 1684; married Jeanne BIGOT 6 July 1710.

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