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The characteristics of the Ancestry from Antoine Desrosier and Anne Le Neuf du Herrison have been passed down throughout the centuries. Having met various members from various branches of the couple I have made this deduction and, list some of those who led me to this point.

Grandmother Clara (Lafreniere) Langevin left her impression of gentility although I was just a child at the times we went to see her. Her sister Leah (Lafreniere) Lalonde was considered a "lady of quality", likewise.

There was the characteristic of "temper" in Grand-Aunt Leah (Lafreniere) Lalonde as there was in my mother Helen Marguerite (Langevin) Livingston, and undiluted in the various children of Helen and Ulric (Liversant) Livingston of whom there were ten.

Although "soft spoken", there is a hint of this temper in the members from the Ovide-Benjamin Lafreniere branch.

In the Desilet branch of whom I was fortunate in meeting over the family research study, I noted the strength of character such as I find in my sisters and brothers.

The Desilets branched off from the Desrosier in the first born Canadians in the time between 30 September 1652 and 11 February 1734 with Michel Jacob Desrosiers called Desilets.

Having made the acquaintance of one Luc Lafreniere and obtaining from him a chart on the Family Tree I have come to believe that his forefather was one of the sons of Antoine III and Angelique Piette dite Trempe, as the last entry for Lafreniere was in this chart, showing only Genevieve Desrosiers dit Lafreniere born (20 June 1702 who married Francois Houre, ("dit" should read "dite" which is female).

On August 13, 1987, Luc Lafreniere brought his sister Doris to see the collection of data I have on the family Lafreniere.

The characteristic of "hautiness" exists in them as it does in every other member of our kin, also in various degrees, but it is there, nevertheless.

Regardless of our "station" in life there is this characteristic which is as much a part of us as our physical attributes. It is strong in all of the Clara (Lafreniere) Langevin offspring as it is in future generations to this date 1987. It is there in the Magloire Lafreniere family as noted in Bernadette (Lafreniere) Chabot, his daughter, and follows through in her children.

These characteristics which I have noted are affected by the genes of the incoming members in marriages but the strain never dilutes. It is as if we had knowledge of our Norman noble heritage. Of his temper in the 1600s of Michel Le Neuf du Herrison, I can say I'm glad not to have been at his mercy. I have seen it and had it turned on me. I have fought against losing my temper and have learned to control it to a certain extent. But; it is well imbedded in my nature!

 by Doreen Estelle (LIVINGSTON) Moore 15 August 1987

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  1. such a smart woman. Lucky to have known her as my Aunt. I love that she wasn't just learning about our family history but also sharing what she learned about herself and family. Thanks for posting
    Hilary Rylan